100% off udemy coupon Effective Communication – 29 Hours HD Video

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100% off udemy coupon Effective Communication – 29 Hours HD Video

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NPTEL JADA’s partner Course,.

Course Introduction and Description of Lecture Plan

As the table above indicates, the course contents are distributed over twelve modules.
Each module consists a minimum of one to a maximum of five lectures, and in total, the
twelve modules amount to forty lectures.

The focus of this course is on communication
skills, which cover the four major language skills, namely, reading, writing, listening,
and speaking. In Module I, I talk about Introduction to Communication and the Need for

Effective Communication. In the following module, Module II, I talk about Barriers to
Communication and Overcoming Measures to these Barriers to Communication. You
will come to know of those barriers and obstacles, which actually cause impediments to
effective communication. In Module III, after introducing you to the operative principles
communication, its effectiveness, and then various associated concepts on overcoming
the barriers to communication,

I will be focusing on Non-Verbal Communication with
detailed descriptions of Body Language. This module highlights the soft skills relevant
for performing well in professional activities like group discussion and interviews.
Module IV deals with Listening Skills and answers in detail the following questions: Why
do we need listening skills? How to enhance our listening skills? How to be a better
listener? How to be an active listener?

In Module V, the focus is on Written Communication. Here Letter Writing, with special
emphasis on Job Application Letter, is dealt with. In Module VI, the focus is on
Technical Writing emphasizing Report Writing, and highlighting the difference between
literary style and technical style.

The next two modules are quite important in a

professional sense. Module VII deals with Group Discussion covering such issues as:
Why group discussion? How to be a good participant in group discussion? How to judge
group discussion participants? How to consider the non-verbal aspects of group

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